Advices for bread baking

Working with whole-grain flour needs care and attention. Doughs with whole grain take in lots of water and prove slowly. Give the dough enough time to rest.

Consistency of dough is optimal if the dough is moist but also sticks together well. If the dough is dry and brittle, please add a little bit water. If the dough is too sticky after proving, please only add a little bit of flour. Attention: dough can dry out. Place the dough into a baking tin. Bread baked in a tin keeps fresher.

For those who love crusty bread, take the bread out of the tin 10 minutes before baking is finished and place on a baking tray to bake for the remaining time.

Bread baking in the baking machine

Rolle baking mixes can be baked in a baking machine. Prepare the baking mix with dried yeast and the warm water, set up a long bread program for whole grain bread. Different makes of bread machines work differently. We recommend a baking test.

If the dough is too soft, sticky or the bread is not completely baked inside, please use little bit less liquid or set a higher temperature and increase the baking time.

Have fun with baking!

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