Grain is a raw material, which inspires many products for a balanced nutrition.

For bakery

Our traditional customers are bakeries. We like to offer them a comprehensive range of organic baking ingredients. Promote your business with organic products! Communicate the idea of organic products to consumers and benefit from the growing organic market.

Our organic range for bakeries includes:

  • Raw materials: grain, flour, bruised grain, flakes, nuts, dried fruits, sugar
  • Baking mixes for bread, rolls & specialities
  • Products with certificate of EU
  • Products with certificate of cultivation association Bioland & Gäa

For Traders

For specialist traders, we offer organic products and specialities for discerning consumers. Our organic range includes organic grains, flours, baking mixes and also Christmas specialities like Original Dresdner Stollen, Spelt Stollen, Stollen with apricots (no raisins). Our milling products are also available with private labels.

Product folder

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